Kissing between friends? Is that a bad idea?

I have been friends with this guy for the past two years (we met at work initially). We have a pretty solid friendship - we tell each other about crushes, broken friendships, dreams, goals, childhood memories, traveling stories. Etc. Etc. I have been in one relationship and he has been in two (both of ours were short lived. A couple of months). He is 20, and I am 22. I asked him last summer if he saw as more than a friend. And he said that he was getting the feeling, but no he didn't like me more than a friend. He is often said to me that he couldn't do without me, I am his best-friend, and I mean so much to him. Anyways, I understood he didn't like me and I was totally fine with it (a bit embarrassed), but I didn't let it get between us. I just forgot all about it and it was all good between us. But lately he has been doing the following things:

(1) Usually texts me at least every other day (usually first thing the morning)

(2) He was drunk and he texted me, "Love for life"

(3) When he was drunk he kissed me on the forehead

(4) He talks about all these girls that talk to him at work. It doesn't bother me at all. Frankly, I am not one of those jealous types.

(5) When we were out partying, I suggested to his friend that it would be funny if we hooked him up with a girl. His friend was a bit tipsy, and he remarked, "UH, don't you know he is totally crazy about you". And I replied, "uh, he told me we are friends". My friend was in the same room at the time, and he just turned around and pretended as though nothing was going on.

(6) He always asks me if he smells good, looks good in pictures etc.

(7) We usually talk on the phone at least once a week for about hour.

(8) We flirt a lot. And he always jokes around about how much I like him etc.

(9) When we go out with a group of friends, he sometimes seems distant. Sometimes but not often. And he always compliments my outfits and tells me that I look so good (I usually don't dress up much, but when I do I do put a good amount of effort into it)

When we go out with friends to a club, we always dance together. I tell him that I like to dance with him so it avoids other guys from coming up to me (that really annoys me! ). Anyways, I am thinking, next time we go out. I just kiss him. Is that a bad idea? I think it will cut the tension between us down. .

By the way, he has never been kissed by a girl.

I need some help. And I am so confused. I just don't understand him. He is kinda of shy upon meeting people, but once you get to know him he is really outgoing! Kind of confusing.


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  • 20 and never been kissed by a girl?. He sounds like he is afraid of rejection. He usually doesn't do well with his relationships apparently and he doesn't want to risk screwing it up with the girl he is in love with. That is my diagnosis. Tell him how you feel next time instead of asking him how he feels. He will act shy and bashful and be hesitant. I promise. And at that moment you lay one on him. That will just floor him and he will like it I promise. If he has never kissed a girl trust me he will love it. Unless he's homosexual. Seriously I don't want to sound demeaning. But if he is gay honey there isn't much hope. Why hasn't he kissed a girl?

  • GO FOR IT! Sounds like he just needs someone to lead the way. Either kiss him or tell him to MAN UP!


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