What type of reaction do guys want from a girl they like?

My guy friend told me he likes me. I thought he did for a while but was shocked that he actually admitted it, so I don't fully buy it from him. We banter back and forth. Him: I like you Me: no you don't (in a playful way) Him: I mean it/laughs

Then he told me that he means it and he likes that I'm "different" because some girls freak out or turn weird/distant when he has told them he likes them, but apparently I still act the same as before he told me, which he likes.

He hasn't officially asked me out but he did take me out before and we do spend a lot of time together and he jokingly calls me his girlfriend but I say I'm single and then he tells me I'm his. We're the "always seen together" types, talk every day, etc.

I am now almost positive that since he said those things he is basically putting a chance of us becoming more than friends on the table, but I don't take the opportunity., and that's why I act "the same" as before. This is because I sort of do feel a thing with him, like I can't break away because there is some kind of chemistry between us but I am 99% sure that we wouldn't work out together in the long run and so I don't want to tie myself down when I don't think it will work out because I'm at the point in my life where I want something real and serious. Although if he tried to kiss me I know I'd probably go for it even though that may be a bad idea if I don't want to get involved with him as more than a friend. And I see him all the time, it is something that can't be helped (school).

Am I doing the wrong thing? Do you think I give off the vibe that I like him or not?Is he saying all these things because he really likes me, or just wants to see if he can get me? I doubt that he just wants sex if he is saying all these things, especially since we've been close for a long time and he could have had so many opportunities to try, and he says it's more than just sex. But still, I know he definitely lusts after me and since we are pretty young I know that's what many guys my age really want, more than anything else, even if they do have feelings for the girl too.

Thanks everyone! :)
What type of reaction do guys want from a girl they like?
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