Me and my friend kissed, it's now awkward! What do we do?

Me and my friend (opposite sex) met maybe 3 months ago and we have got to know each other quite well. Can speak to each other about anything, just as friends you know?

On Saturday we kissed, multiple times in a club while drunk. Now whenever we text, facebook, whatever. It's very awkward. We have spoken about this incident since. What can we do?


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  • the only reason you two feel awkward is because you like each other. you know they say when under the influence you get braver(or so I've heard) and you say and do what you really feel. so if that's true then you have feelings that you haven't been able to tell her about. am I right? the strage feeling is there because now you know that she probably knows that you like her or vice verse. what I'd suggest is that you talk it through. I know you may be afraid to suggest that you like her because you're afraid that if she doesn't feel the same way you may lose a good friend or if theings don't work out the you may lose her as a friend.

  • Why do you think it's awkward? Does one of you like the other or do both of you like each other? I think you guys should be able to get over it! Your both friends ,and we're just having a good time when your drunk. Do you think she feels awkwardness too?

    • Yes, we both feel awkward. I said that I don't just kiss my friends, maybe I like you more than I thought. I think she feels the same way too. She is just scared to 'get hurt' and doesn't know whether to risk upon what we currently have - good friendship.

      We just can't seem to speak as well, it happened just this Saturday gone.

    • Yeah, it's hard to take a step back once you've taken a step forward. I think that if you are both willing to take it further then a friendship then you can and should. Take the initiative to talk to her about it first, although it may feel awkward at first, it will feel better after the two of you sort everything out!

    • Okie thank you. I'll have to pop round hers and talk it out.. I don't know exactly how she feels so I'll have to take it from their :)

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