We made out and now, awkward!

So, this guy is in my class and we have been checking each other out for a while now. Well, one night my friend and I wanted to go out and called him up. Well, we had a lot of fun dancing, etc. Well, I was too drunk to drive home and my friend wanted to hang out with a guy she was seeing so I went home with "cutie". Well, we made out and would've had sex if I had not said "no". Well, in the morning we held hands and kissed good-bye; but, when I saw him at school it was as if we were friends again like before. We haven't talked about that night; however, while we were both drinking basically confessed that we have huge crushes on one another.

I am not interested in any kind of relationship right now as far as "boyfriend-girlfriend" but I would like not to feel as if he just hooked-up with me as a conquest or something. Basically, how should I approach him such that I am clear that I do like him but don't want a relationship or to feel awkward.

Honestly, I could maybe see myself with him down the road; but, I am way too busy with school for a relationship.
We made out and now, awkward!
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