We made out, now what?

I made out wif a guy tht had told me he likes me about a mth before. During tht one mth, there is period of silence. We didn't discuss about it, but my guess is tht I cancelled on him without gd reason and he might be offended.

Then we met up a mth later in a friend's wedding. Because this was an out of town wedding, we stayed in rooms just few doors frm each other's. He invited me to his room and tried to kiss me. At first, I sidestepped him and said tht 'why are you doing this? I don't kiss anybody thts not my boyfriend and I don't do one night stand'. He seemed to be offended when I think tht this is an one night stand. We did ended up making out, kissing on the lips only. I told him not to go further than that and he didn't.

The nxt day, he texted me saying tht he's already back in town. I asked him if he can take me to dinner and he said he will. He hasn't get back to me after 2 days. there's a possibility that he is busy with work. How do I take it from here? I really want to clarify our relationship


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  • You're just beginning with casual dating. It's too soon to ask for a 'defined' relationship. See if you both want to keep seeing each other before you try to have that kind of 'what are we doing?'; conversation.

    Getting analytical with him right away will, most likely, frighten him away before you've even managed to get acquainted!


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  • Simply wait for him to contact you.

    If you've reached your limit and he still didn't contact you, it's best to say that he's just looking at you as a hookup, and nothing more.

  • he might be thinking if he asks to to soon will you think he is despread, the ball is in his court so see how it pans out


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