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I have a crush on my online friend. What should I do?

I have waited about 5 months hoping the feelings would fade but they haven't. We met through mutual friends on a game together and we also played together.

He has opened up to me about personal stuff in his life, asked about life advice, I even met his brother online. He use to make sure I slept and he always teases me, and I always tease him back. I asked him to help me pick out a PC and he did, he even helped me set it all up from his own screen.

I admitted to him the other day I would really miss him if he left permanently and he said "nah, i dont think I would leave so soon" and he told me to go have fun.

After I said that he chatted to me for the whole day and he asked me to play another game with him.

He is very oblvious to hints, he doesn't know when a girl likes him. He also doesn't like showing his own emotions either. We get along super well but we also argue like brother and sister.. our online friends think its hilarious.

I had tried asking about his name but he avoided it. But I already know it through his steam account and he knows mine on accident. Made me think he didn't want to get that personal but his accounts show his name anyway.

I am not sure what to do. I feel like he might like me or growing feelings for me but might be too soon.. or too late in afew months time if I tell him. Im not sure if its a good idea to tell him at all. I really enjoy his company
I have a crush on my online friend. What should I do?
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