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I'm a Half-Black, Half-White All-Canadian Anti-Racist.

To me, life is all about people and the different relationships you form with them. I live for those connections where both people are able to be genuine, and take off that mask we all wear in public. We're all way more vulnerable, insecure than we generally admit. To me a real connection happens when you stop pretending you're a to maintain whatever public image you present to the world. That can take some time, of course.

My whole life, I've always had lots of guy friends, but I've always had my closest friendships with women. I've had many very close female friends, and became very good at helping them navigate the men in their lives. I can give a "guy's perspective" and usually give you a good idea of where a dude's head is for some specific situation.

Now, all the women I know are married, or in longterm relationships, so nobody needs that kind of advice anymore. Seems that there are lots of women on GAG looking just this sort of advice (or male perspective). I like giving it

I pride myself on being trustworthy. I've never even once been guilty of betraying someone's trust or confidence.
I'm also pretty non-judgemental. With one exception: Cheaters...I won't pretend that I'm not judging you.I'll be upfront about it. That doesn't mean that I don't wanna talk to you....but fair warning....I think it's cowardly and wrong to cheat. Period. That will color our conversation.

I'm a pretty empathetic guy. And....I'm definitely easy to talk to.

Life's hard. I wouldn't have made it this far without good people to lean on. We're all in this together and should do what we can to help each other out....Especially when it costs nothing but time. To me, that's a very good use of my time.

Aside from relationships, other areas that I'm good with are: Drugs and addiction, abusive relationships, and general depression-related stuff.

Feel free to msg me, even if we haven't talked before. I'll be happy to chat

From: Canada

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