What's the best way to stop talking to a girl you met online?

Hello everyone,

I've met a woman through a online game and she lives in another country. She lives in another country and is accustom to a whole different culture. As I'm writing this now, I've only known her for a little over a month.

She asked me for my Snapchat and we got closer from there.

I felt some sort of feeling developing for this woman and decided to tell her and recommend we should stop talking because there were too many barriers between us such as distance and language. We mainly use a translator to communicate. When we talk on facetime we can barely keep a conversation going but somehow still manage to be on it for nearly an hour.

She started to beg not for me to end things and that we can work it out and I should go over to her country in the future.

She says she loves me, wants to marry me, and I make her extremely sad if I stopped talking to her.

This struck me off as odd but I brushed it off as culture difference.

Then starting about two days ago I started to really dislike talking to her almost like it's a chore. Mainly because I'm so tired of using the translator to communicate and she keeps saying pick up lines to me everyday. She tells me I'm her boyfriend and she keeps saying these pick up lines to me. She sends me voices messages and photos everyday.

I know I sound crazy. She sounds like a great person! And she is! It's just that I'm realizing that I can't see myself pursuing a long time relationship with someone who's living in another country that can't speak the same language.

When I tell her she shouldn't get too attracted especially on a guy from the internet, she starts to get really upset. She starts to get really depressed sounding and it breaks my heart. But I know as the days go by, I'm getting less and less interested in her.

What's the best way to deal with this without ghosting her?
What's the best way to stop talking to a girl you met online?
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