How do I choose between three guys?? Help!!

Guy number 1: He is my boyfriend. He is so sweet when we're together and says the most breath taking things ever. He even says he wants to get married in like 2 years. But he gets jealous over everything and ever since we had sex he has been emotionally distant. Plus he is insanely clingy, but he often ditches me for other girls and then gets mad at me for talking to my friends.

Guy number 2: He is my ex boyfriend. When I was with him he was into another girl so I left him so he could be with her. That failed and he got engaged to another girl. But now he is on 'break' with her and wants to be with me.

Guy number 3: Omg! How do I even start? Well my first love I left him Because I thought he was cheating. He got with my best friend(not friends anymore) Now he wants me but he won't leave her alone... No he always wanted me. It's long distance...



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  • If you don't want to be with guy number one, then end it.

    I wouldn't recommend getting back with any of your ex's, that's just a step backwards in my opinion.

    give yourself some time and find someone else more worthy of you.

    • thank you

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    • he was your first love, it will take time but going back won't do you any good. he's your ex for a reason ;)

    • yeah that's true. Thank you :)

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  • It already didn't work between 2 and 3. Even if you break up with your boyfriend I would not recommend getting back together with an ex.


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  • well you're just plain greedy aren't you

    • Nah, it's called "realization that relationships are testing grounds".

    • Excuse me?

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