I have to choose between three guys. which one do I choose?

Boy 1: I go to school with him, and I've known him for a while. He's kinda dry and i can't tell if he likes me or not. But in person he's so sweet, and we went on a date 3 days ago, and it was amazing, and he held my hand and everything, and hugged me. He is kinda hard to figure out though. cause he's a dry texter but i dont think he means anthing bad by it. its like last week though he would wanna ft and he would text me a lot but now we just snap back and forth and barely talk, but his friends say that he likes me, but i told him i like him and then said goodnight and he sent back a thumbs up emoji so im kinda confused but that's kinda how he replys to everyone.

Boy 2: we met like this month. he goes to a different school then me. he's so kind and always calls me beautiful and is always asking to facetime. and he makes me feel amazing about myself, but we haven't known each other for that long. but still he's literally just an amazing guy over all. and he's soooo attractive like overly attractive like i dont know how he doesn't have like hella girls hitting on him. but yeah he's amazing and he makes me smile a lot

Boy 3: dated about two years ago. went horribly. he's cute but not as cute as the other two. he's funny but i dont think i like him, like its nice to talk to him, and it seems like he likes me, like he always says goodnight to me and stuff, but i dont feel anything for him, but i can tell he wants something more with me.

I dont know what to do so someone please pleaseee help.

Im leaning a bit more towards boy 1 because i really like him, but the problem is it doesn't seem like he likes me back so i dont know what to do because i dont want to make anyone a second option.
I have to choose between three guys. which one do I choose?
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