Dating a guy who won't call me his girlfriend? Is he playing games?

I've been seeing this guy for about six months. We spend time during the week and weekend togeter, talk pretty much daily, but he still introduces me as his "friend." When we talked about dating others, we both stated that we were not seeing other people. If we are not seeing others and acting like a couple, why is he so hesitant to refer to me as his girlfriend? Just not understanding his hesitance. Wondering if mabye I'm being strung along? IDK, I'm just confused on this one. :(

I decided to ask my guy friend to clarify how he views me / what we are doing. Since he seems to kinda freak out when I want to have a talk about things, I decided to send him and email. I asked him to read it, let it digest, and talk to me when he's ready (hopefully in a few days). I'm interested to see what he says.
This guy and I work in the same building. When I saw him today after I know he read my email he looked very distressed and upset. I asked him if he got my message and he said yes. Then he started talking about how he feels pressured and he just needs time to think before we talk...blah, blah, blah. I don't know, I'm thinking that he is just wanting the benefits without the commitment of a relationship. I'm a bit turned off and thinking now that I don't know that I want the commitment...*confused*
It took forever but I noticed that in the last couple of weeks he's referring to me as his girlfriend. I asked him when we officially got together (in his mind) and apparently we've been together all along lol. He's super confusing sometimes but as long as he treats me right, I'm going to hang in there.


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  • You are in that position by what your saying, but the fact he doesn't call you his girlfriend doesn't mean your not. I understand why it kinda hurts, or makes you feel strung along. Its probably that he doesn't want to string you along is why he doesn't call you his GF. It's a form of comittment. He may be afraid to make any comitments. He may be into "buddy's with benifits"...which is a decision you will have to make if you don't want to be someone's bud. Sounds like he's not ready to comitt with one girl (you), some guys don't because if he runs into another girl that he might want to get to know , then rightfully, he cannot approach her becasue he is in a relationship and has a "girlfriend". If you are just a bud, he doesn't feel he's tied to anyone and it free's him up to other women.


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  • he could be going through something that you don't understand, give him a little more time maybe 3 months if he still won't call you his girlfriend id suggest distancing yourself

    • good plan

    • IDK, he seemed to be freaked out by the email. Just don't know how to read him lol.

    • then yu may need to find someone else, depending on how good he treats you, yu should be able to decide if he's leading you on or not. you should know if he loves you and at the end of the day titles are just titles, what matters is how people feel

  • maybe I can give you some insight. When I have relationships I never refer to girls as my gf.

    They may be very similar to a girlfriend. Monogomy, dates, sex etc. but its just not the way I talk.

    I would introduce them as my friend.

    There are some people that refer to thier special lady friend as

    "my old lady"

    "my boo"

    "my chick"

    " my girl"

    And a hundred others. They all mean the same thing. Only difference is how the person speaks.


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  • Girl I'm in the same boat, your not alone.

    • So how are you going to handle your situation? More time? The dreaded "talk"? I'm not sure what to do.

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    • I would love to chat. PM your number. It will be nice to talk to someone who's going through the same thing I'm going through.

    • I can't pm you my number cus you asked this anonymous so inbox me my username is katiekayyy325. N yes I agree its always easier to talk to someone who's in the same current situation.

  • why don't you ask him to be your bf? why do you have to wait for him to ask?

    • IDK, I guess I'm just a bit old fashion. I'm just used to the man making that step.

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