Girl initiates conversation then?

She doesn't respond or even READ most of my texts...

Ok so I met this girl a couple months back in a class. The class ended last month and since then she asked me to add her on BBM.

So we're both trying to apply for grad school, and pretty much every 2nd or 3rd day she would text me asking how my school is going, how I'm doing etc. But then after a few exchanges of texts, she abruptly stops replying and even stops reading my messages. Days will go by where she doesn't read my text, yet continues to update her BBM. So I figure OK she doesn't want to talk to me anymore, but then out of the blue she'll text me again asking similar questions and the whole cycle repeats itself.

I find her really attractive and she's a really cool person so I've wanted to get to know her better but having her act like this makes it impossible. I know she has a boyfriend so I thought maybe she is worried I like her and doesn't want to talk to me because of it? However, I've never been the one to initiate the texts - its always her. She's even told me I'm a great person to talk to, and a few days ago she texts me saying she is moving back home and asked me if I was going to miss her. I replied saying Id miss her more if I actually had the chance to hang out with her, but now two days later she hasn't replied NOR has she even read my reply.

Why does she continually initiate conversation and want to know how I'm doing and then not want anything to do with talking to me?
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Thanks everyone - you're right. Ill keep her on my BBM but I'm not going to initiate text anymore or try and have conversations. Its really hard because she is really flirty over text calling me her love, her boo, saying I always make her laugh and she likes talking to me etc. She's a bartender though, and I'm starting to find out she's not my type anyways and I'm starting to think she is a bit insecure with herself. Its going to take a while but I'm already slowly starting to not care anymore
Girl initiates conversation then?
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