Boyfriend didn't call me today... is this normal?

last night, I went out with my boyfriend and got to meet his friends for the first time. we chilled and worked out together and had a really nice time and we were very affectionate- which wasn't normal cos since we're a new couple and this is both of our first relationship. afterward, we went to my house and fooled around a little bit (we just started experimenting cos he's a virgin and never done anything and I don't really know that much more than him). when he had to go he said he'd talk to his friend's girlfriend to see if we could double date tomorrow or just read the book for our class and I just said okay. I thought that I left it up to him, so today I just waited to hear back from him, but didn't hear from him at all. so I just figured he started reading and wanted some space, which is no biggie. I was like that that when I came back from out of town, I knew we were going to see each other the next day so I just waited a looong time to text him so I could regroup myself and get sleep etc.

but I guess is that normal?

we usually text everyday or a call or two. and we see each other at school two days a week and most days he's over at my house or we go out


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  • maybe he ran out of things to talk about? who knows... but you are just worrying over possibly nothing. watch his behavior these next few days. if its all different then somethings probably up. I hope not. lol :]


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  • Perhaps you guys just went to fast. I mean its okay to experiment and all but you guys are a new couple. Maybe you should have waited a bit longer before really experimenting.

    Also it could just be that he has a lot on his mind or he's just busy. Usually girls just over this stuff and this is how relationships can get into the crisis area.

    I would say don't worry about it but if he keeps doing it. Maybe go and talk to him to figure stuff out

    • yeah, I think that wouldve been it. I mean, we've done stuff before, but the bulk of it was just lots and lots and lots of making out and touching. and that's just what we did after coming back from his friend's, making out and "touching". but I didn't want to bother him or anything so I figured he'd call me or something. I just got a little worried since I keep feeling like I have to sexually please him (just from bad experience before him) and I know he's not about that. so I kinda do want to

    • Alright then do that because trust me, I think it would be a lot better then just sexually pleasing him.

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