My boyfriend hasn't texted me back since yesterday?

we usually text all day every day but last night we were talking kinda dirty and sent each other pictures, and then I sent him a text back and he never replied. he always answers me and now I'm worried. its almost 3 the next day and I don't have a text or anything from him. do I text him again today and if I do what do I say?


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  • Well for one, how long have you been dating? And two, if he's anything like my boyfriend, he's probably just a crappy texter lol He hates the phone, forgets to text back sometimes because of family, work, etc. But his behavior outside of that wouldn't give me any reason to worry that something is wrong just because he doesn't like texting. Not everyone is a slave to their phone like I am I've realized =P Even something that seems totally out of the ordinary can be because of something innocent.

    I'd just call him personally. If he doesn't get back to the phone call then maybe start worrying. But even I sometimes will just not text back if I feel the convo is over. Give him a call or wait for him to text you back later (I'm sure he will). Just don't stress about it. It's probably nothing and guys hate when girls get all bent out of shape over a text message.

    And p.s. I know you're probably stressing more about this because naked pics were involved. Not trying to sound like your mom, but you save yourself a whole lot of stress when you don't do the naked pic thing. It can be fun and all, but when situations like these happen that he's not texting back, you can drive yourself crazy wondering if you made a mistake.