Should I Have Kissed Him?

Ok so there was this guy that I liked and for a while we were texting and I had hung out with him and his friends a few times, and it seemed like he liked me. He texted me once for 3 hours, and I met him because I'm friends with his roommate, and he got my number from my friend and texted me first, and when we hung out I caught him staring at me a few times. And so one time he ended up asking me to come over, and then when I was there he asked me to sleep over. So once him and his roommate convinced me I did. And he gave me his jersey and shorts to wear to bed. And then when we went to sleep they decided it would be fun to 'be eskimos' and turn on the AC all night... and so that night the guy I liked kept stealing my covers... and eventually when he went to the bathroom I hopped into his bed... and then eventually he joined me. And we kept flirting all night and he put his arm around me and kinda held my hand. And he stole my pillow so I had to share his... and we were like face to face at many points. But that was it... because after that he never answered my texts. So I don't know what I did wrong... but then I told one of my guy friends and he said I should have kissed him... but do you think if I had kissed him he'd still have talked to me? Did not kissing him really make him think I wasn't interested?


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  • The simple answer is yes, you should've.

    Guys are remarkably bad at perception, and the majority of us want to avoid awkward moments caused by kissing someone when it's unwanted.


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  • It's hard to say because everyone acts differently but it sounds to me like he wanted you to kiss him as a sign that you liked him and he may feel that you dont.

    I would txt him, see how he is etc and let him know how you feel. Tell him sorry that you did not make any moves but you enjoyed your time together and that you like him.

    If he does not respond to this then I would leave it. I know it's hard but you are young and there are plenty more fish out there. Just move on because he is not interested.

    • I did text him.... but I just said "hey I have ur clothes"...but he never answered... and I texted it twice, the 2nd one a few days later... so I feel like if he really liked me, he would have texted back :(