Was kissing him a mistake?

So me and this guy have been chatting for a month and a half now and its always flirty and fun. We finally got to see each other for the first time last weekend. We kissed and it was great! the problem is all my guy friends say that I shouldn't have kissed him because now he would think that we don't have to date because he can "get me". Is this true? When I was with him it seemed he has every intention of taking things further, and I told my friends they would have to be there to understand where I'm coming from. but they making me doubt myself so I need to find out from the guy I like if we are going to date or not. any suggestions how I should go about doing this? and was it wrong to kiss him the first time we met?


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  • A first date kiss is not bad. It showed him that you have very high interest level in him. You have made it a little too easy for him. You should have kept him thinking until the 2nd date. He should not have tried to kiss you until the 2nd date. So you both messed up. If he initiated the kiss...then he is more at fault than you...you just reacted to your feelings...you couldn't help it...you wanted to kiss him..right? (he showed little self control and lack of patients). You guys are fine...but from this point forward its up to you to dictate how the relationship progresses,and at what speed. Your guy friends are WRONG. Good Luck.


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  • Actually it would always be better if you are able to juggle when you advance in the relationship ladder. For the benefit of the doubt, I do not know your culture, and hence, unable to provide a good judgment on the situation.

    To me, I thought it would be better if you and him are officially in a relationship, before progressing further, and that includes a *kiss*.

    I think the kiss you gave him should be a peck on the cheek, so probably, the mindset of him "being able to get you" would not be as strong as if you have "french kissed" him.

    That kiss probably would have also resulted in you being really happy about something, so the expression of the act may let him know that you are actually interested in him.

    In order to control the situation, by not letting him have the wrong idea that you're a very casual girl, it will help if you do not continue with such acts, but instead, show your interest in another way.For eg. doing things for him, give him gifts, etc.

    • As long as she agrees to dates with him...that will show plenty of interest. Only do things for him if he's deserving...and NO Gifts!

  • no no its not bad, it was just a kiss, he also did kiss u, its just not you, if you think its just your fault so he was with you too :) just take it easy :)


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