Guys why do you stop texting in the middle of a good conversation?

me and this guy could be in the middle of a GOOD conversation

like were both enjoying the topic

& then he stops texting

if he really wanted to talk to me wouldn't he have picked up on the convo. the next day or something because once he stops replying he doesn't text me the next day I usually have to text him && once again the conversation IS GREAT!

& when I do text him he texts back right away! he doesn't wait hrs to reply...i honestly don't get it please HELP


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  • Well you don't know, anything might have gotten in the way, occupying him... As you said, the conversation is great when it strikes.

    • ik but every time?

    • Who knows, trust rather then distrust. It could also be that even though he likes you he has a hard time thinking of what to say and reply to some things.

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  • I get distracted sometimes when I get texts by stuff I am doing or because I get bored of texting. It's much nicer to talk to a person face face to so I either hop on skype or go see the person.


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