What are signs that you're a rebound?

What are signs to know if you're someone's rebound?


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  • IF they keep talking about thier ex, thier problems and advice


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  • -Person got out of a long term relationship recently (within past few months).

    -Mentions ex more than 3 times.

    -Not really serious about dating you or can't say you're dating to other people.

    -Not able to express feelings for you.

    -Doesn't introduce you to anyone, especially family or close friends.

    -Ignores you in public or doesn't embrace you.

    If you see or expierence these signs get out quickly, it isn't worth it.

  • They will use you a lot .They also seek a lot of comfort as you heed to their demands and lastly, they really want their ex back.

  • what signs do you feel your receiving?


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  • if he just got out of a serious relationship, regardless of whether or not he makes you his girlfriend, you are most likely a rebound. basically people need to grieve the loss of their relationship even if they are the ones that ended it. So if he rushes into anything with you then you are most likely a rebound or if he tries to avoid talking seriously about your relationship then you are probably a rebound. If he is honest with you about things and tries to take it slow while considering your feelings and communicating with you, then you are probably not a rebound and his feelings for you are real. The problem with rebounds is that either the feelings are misplaced and they will compare you to their exes without realizing it or they are trying to take a shortcut on the grieving process and avoid the pain and avoid being alone. Basically, rebounds are wet blankets. They are comforting for a while until the person realizes their feelings were never that real :/

  • Ahhh. I would know this first hand because I was a rebound. I started talking to this guy right when he got out of a three year long [on and off] relationship. We hung out and went on dates for about three months straight, but he never asked me to be his girlfriend, he kept putting it off. Until I finally found out there was another girl in the mix too. Then I told him to never talk to me again, and that was the end of that.

    But the points are, if you're a rebound:

    1. It's because the other person just got out of a serious relationship

    2. Never asks you to be his/her gf/bf

    3. Avoids you in public places [doesn't want to be seen with you]

    4. And seems sort of distant [aka, thinking about someone else.]