What are rebound relationships?

What classifies a relationship as a rebound? Is every first relationship after a breakup considered a rebound? How do you know if you're on the rebound or if someone else is on the rebound? Are there any clear signs?

If you're over an ex and then enter a relationship, is that a rebound? If you start liking someone else while in a relationship and then breakup and then enter a relationship with this new person, is that a rebound?


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  • Rebound relationships are just that.A rebound to someone else!.Unless your a player with no attachement, players are the only ones that you can say don't have rebounds because they never settle for anyone anyway for any length of time, but real honest people rebound sometimes to help them forget their ex. and just for the record rebounds often never last too long either!

    • But how do you know whether it's a rebound or not? If you're over your ex, would the next relationship still be considered a rebound?

    • If your over your ex..and didn't jump into another relationship my thought would be that's fine then..it wouldn't warrant a rebound relationship!

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  • A rebound is hard to define, but you know it when it happens.

    I don't consider every first relationship after a break-up as a rebound. A rebound is a relationship that happens _too soon_ after a breakup. How soon is too soon? There's no rule. Generally, the longer a relationship the more time you'll need to recover.

    But if you think you're still hung up on an ex, and you're questioning if you're ready to date a new person, that's a good sign you're on the rebound.

    One way to avoid rebounding is to take a new relationship slow. Very slow. Have one or two dates a week. Don't see them or talk to them every day. Don't get too physical too fast. If you go slow, you'll be more in touch with your thoughts, and have more time to approach things deliberately rather than being overwhelmed with emotion.

  • this would be really helpful for me as well, I left a year long relationship and have been talking to another girl for a little over a month. we both don't want to officially start dating because I don't want her to end up just being a rebound even though I do like her company and enjoy talking to her. I look forward to seeing what other people have to say


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  • After ever break up, people need time! Need time to let go over the relatiosnhip, lose the feelings for their ex, and move on with their lives before entering a new relationship. In my opinion, a rebound relationship would be if you start dating a guy yet still have feelings for your ex, still sleeping with your ex, and still feel there is a chance of getting back with your ex.

    And yet you are in a relationshio with someone else. How can you fully committ to getting to know someone knew if you are still hung up on your ex. How can you fairly know how you feel about a person if your still hung up on your ex. In this case you are in a rebound relationship.