Why won't she let me pick her up on a date?


I might just be paranoid but, why won't she let me pick her up for our second date?

I phoned her on Monday to chat and arrange a movie date which ended up being tomorrow evening. I proposed to pick her up but she asked if we could meet there.

She seems really relaxed around me and laughs without end when I joke with and tease her.

Why would she rather meet me there when it is so much more convenient for me to pick her up? Does she perhaps see me as a friend only and try to avoid me possibly wanting to visit her after the date?
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OK, so here's what happened.

At the end of the date she mentioned to me that she was not ready for dating as she has various issues she has been dealing with. She said that she was so sorry for that, after which I mentioned that she does not have to apologize to me. Strangely though, it was not nearly as dramatic as it may sound.

This is the first time a girl was so straight with me - I am actually so glad to know the facts and not wonder for weeks.

Anyway we parted ways thereafter.
Why won't she let me pick her up on a date?
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