She texted me while she was drunk? what do you think it means?

ill try to make this as short as possible. I'm (21) and I'm a nice, respectable guy, funny, and I'm told I'm good looking.

well I have been working with a coworker of mine for about 2 years. she's gorgeous, nice, smart. everything I'm looking for, iv had a crush on her for a long time not in love with her or anything but I would date her if she wanted in a heart beat haha. she knows I like her.

well she's been dating this guy on and off for the past few years. she loves him and he's the typical bad boy type. he cheats on her, quit his job, treats her like sh*t, then runs back to her when she leaves him and its a vicious cycle.

once I thought they were broken up for good and I got the courage to ask her to the movies and she said yes...but that week she got sick, called into work, cancelled our date. and then wound up getting back with her ex again.

we text very seldom, she usually doesn't text me back after a few messages. well one day out of the blue at like 11:30 at night she text me "hey what you doing?" I was asleep and the next day I she told me she was going to invite me to a bar, and I found out through mutual friends she was drunk. what does this mean?


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  • She text you because she was drunk, had your number and wanted someone to talk to. Apparently the A-hole she likes wasn't available. I bet if you had her phone, you would see that she sent him a bunch of texts that night, he did not respond, so she looked for someone else to talk to and that was you.

    I definitely think that you need to avoid talking to her if that happens again. Nothing good will come of it. This girl is super in to the jerk she is dating and you are just a sideline backup plan she can turn to when she needs attention. So, she will have sex with the jerk, but call you for the emotional support she isn't getting from him.

    • yea I think your right...just need to ignore her when she comes seeking for attention

    • I see nothing good coming from talking to her when she randomly calls. My brother used to get mixed up with girls that were hot, off and on again with jerks and would turn to him for emotional support. He would think that he was clearly the better choice and that something was going to happen between them, get ready to ask them out or give them a gift, and then the girl would be back with the ex.

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  • Are you sure she was drunk when she texed u? Maybe she got after that or else she wount remmember... But if she was, that's a good sign, cause we do things we WANNA do when were drunk, you c, we can't control ourselves , so we do what deep inside tells us to.

    Why would she stell have you as a friend while she knows you like het unless she likes you too, but for some reason she stell didn't brokeup with her bf...

    but if she wasnot, means she likes you and she wanna go out with you, get drunk (...), dance or whatever..

    Good luck

  • She was drunk, enough said. Not being rude but when people are drunk we do things we typically wouldn't do. You sound like a good guy and some girls are just stupid and stick with the wrong men and don't see the great things right in front of them.


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