I kissed another guy in front of him.

Yesterday I was at a club. I was there with a guy with whom I recently had a one night stand. Since then he texted me everyday and I kind of began to fall for him. Well at first it was really awkward because we didn't talk much and I kind of got the impression that he doesn't even want me here. And then suddenly my best friend showed up ..the problem about that is that a month ago I got a crush on him and he suddenly wanted to kiss me. At first I was like no no but after he tried a few times we kissed. The guy with whom I went to the club saw us and ignored me the whole time. Then I went to him and asked him if he is mad and he just was like yeah actually I am you are kissing your best friend and then I told him that I don't want to be with my best friend it was just because we got history and he was like yeah tell me when you're sober and went away. Before he went home he came to say goodbye to me and asked me if I am gonna stay a little longer and then I said yes and suddenly he smiled at me and kissed me. In the morning I wrote him like hey how are you I just wanted to say that I am not a girl that kisses everybody and that with my best friend is a long story but I know now that there isn't anything between us.

I actually thought that is really nice of me that I wrote that but he didn't answer me. why is that? doesn't he like me anymore? if so why did he kiss me before he went home? I really don't get him please tell me what you think about that and if you think I should write him again next week or something and if what should I write? please help I really like him


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  • Well - that was his goodbye kiss to you. My guess is he was so hurt that night and when you wanted to stay when he left, he just did get the maximum he could still get out of you - stealing that last kiss away from you..

    So I think he really liked you, but really got hurt as well..and since he didn't reply to you, you may have to convince him more that you really like him back..

    Of course, it's hard to tell without the whole context, but I do think this is a possible explanation for his reaction..


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  • He kissed you, to make sure you were still gonna be there. It sounds like he kissed you, because there was some competition. You don't have to explain anything about kissing anyone to him. I would not message, write or call him. If he's actually interested, he will contact you. Keep your options open.

  • You are going to sound very desperate if you contact him first again..he propably thinks you like to play around right now..i think you should wait till the tension eases out..i think he just dosen't know if he likes you anymore..you should wait to see if he contacts you again and then act.

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