Are white guys afraid to date black girls?

Why color matter? Why can't people just look at a person for who they are without even notice their race? Why can't white guys approach black girls as they would approach a white girl?

I notice white guys don't really express more attention to black girls as they do to white girls. I see more black men dating outside of their race than I do white men.

What is it about black girls that intimidate white men?

To me I don't think there would be a difference between dating a white girl and black girl. I mean we all are females. We all have the same body parts (size may vary & personalities as well), but we are all human just like anybody else.

I'm a black girl & I wouldn't mind dating outside my race. I love black men too, but race doesn't matter to me.

I'm just going by my observations & I don't know where you are from, but from where I'm from I don't really see that many white guys finding interest in blacks girls.

So looking at these answers you guys are telling me the reason why white guys won't date black girls is because black girls are unattractive in every way as possible. Unattractive in looks & personality. They ALL are obnoxious, loudy, & bitchy. They ALL have STDs. They all have ugly skin tones. They ALL are ghetto. They are not quite like white girls. They are too outspoken. TheyALL are too picky. And there is nothing positive about them.
I'm seeing some uneducated answers.
These statistics has really gone to yall head.


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  • I am attracted to black girls and I usually like their personalities. I think its an individual thing honestly, where I live it seems relatively common to see interracial relationships between black girls and white girls and they seem long term and happy its nice to see. Keep trying, ignore the ignorent ones :P

    • thanks! :D

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  • HELL NO. I've dated more black/brown girls than white girls. There are some black girls out there that are so damn fine... sh*t.

  • The studies I've seen suggest women think more about race and men just want to date the hottest woman possible.

    I think there are issues around 'approach'. The standard 'white' approach is more subdued then the standard 'black' approach (but more aggressive then the standard Asian approach). I suspect white guys interested in black girls are even more nervous because thy aren't sure how black women will react and may end up being even more subtle ten they would have. Combine those two and the black woman may not even realize he was interested.

  • I love black girls - they're my favorite.

    A lot of white guys are dinks... that's all

  • Are you kidding? Men are such dogs they will try any flavor that is offered up - chocolate, vanilla, harlequin - it don't matter. I am a white guy and to prove my point I want you to come over my house right now so I can prove it.

  • Personally, I typically find white girls to be more attractive on average. That being said, I'm attracted to pretty much any type of girl, but out of all the black girls I've met, there's only like one that didn't have a ridiculous attitude. I think black girls feel some sort of impulse to act that way or something, like some black guys pretending to be gangsta when I know they've grown up in the suburbs.

  • I love beauty black woman... but honestly it is hard to find a black females that wants to date a white Man..
    Which is crazy considering most of the black males disrespect them degrade them and chase after the white girls...

  • I would love to date a black girl. A lot of the time I'm not attracted to blacks girl though..

  • Here we go again.

    • Yeah well it's true can't deny it.

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    • I agree with snowboarder. Sometimes you want people to respond to the way you asked the question even though it's similar to other times it's been asked. Other times you may want to start a conversation about topic with the current people on. You can't do that with an old question.

  • Not really. Just not attracted to them.

  • 1. Black girls are loud.

    2. They are obnoxious!

    3. They are annoying and intolerable in large groups (groups including other black people).

    4. Their personality is usually very bitchy, high maintenance, and much of the time ghetto.

    5. They tend not to be very friendly.

    6. Their skin is gross.

    7. Their hair is usually always nasty.

    8. They smell bad.

    9. Black girls vaginas look like roast beef!

    10. And most tend to be extremely sexually active.

    So ya, black girls are a NO go for most white guys. It is nothing personal, but you guys kinda do it to yourselves. Sorry... I think black guys get tired of the black girl attitude and dramatics that I have seen in a lot of them. Whit girls are much more calm and laid back then black girls. Again, sorry...

    • Well a black girl wouldn't date a guy with a mind like yours even if you were the last guy on Earth.

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    • We are not all the same. We are all different. Stop comparing us all. For Your info I was raised different, I'm not loud, I can't even stand people who talk loud cuz it embarrasses me, I don't talk or act ghetto, I was never raised in the ghetto (I'm afraid to be around ghetto ppl) I'm not high maintenance. I'm not Bitchy. I'm easy to get along with, but shy at first, and I'm real friendly, my skin is not gross, I always keep my hair washed and clean, I like smelling good, my v***** does not look like a roast beef, I'm not sexual active much, but I do like to please my man who is "WHITE". and I don't have an attitude. STOP COMPARING US, CUZ WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.

    • no you’re not sorry.
      first of all...
      1. you aren’t shit
      2. you’re insensitive
      3. black skin isn’t like paper that rips easily like white skin, black skin is smooth and don’t crack
      4. don’t stereotype ALL blacks as rude because one black person does NOT define ALL black people
      5. same way how trashy white women likes to walk around with their tory burch sandals, michael kors purses & more we can just easily afford the same stuff
      6. you’re dick game probably can NOT compare to chocolate men’s
      7. white womens hair when it’s wet smells like chicken cultlets where they wash their hair every day unlike black womens (p. s. NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN WEARS WEAVES AND WIGS)
      8. white girls will be the first to be promiscuous and fucking everybody
      9. you smell like fish yourself
      10. the stuff you listed knocked my ass out

      and if you couldn’t tell this is from a black women who lives in a white community. again, sorry if i offended you

  • I do like black girls but I feel like because black guys have the reputation for being good in bed and supposedly having large penises, that I wouldn't be better than them to her, so I never try

    • Firstly aww. Second you know not every black girl wants only that. Third not every black girl has had a black boyfriend. Not every black boy has umm.. large genitals. Many black girls dont know why white men dont approach them. I know the man doesn't always have to make the first move but give the girls a break. Also why treat the black girls different? Who cares if the had a boyfriend? A white girl could have also had a black boyfriend. Dont feel like that and go get yourself a girl!

  • I'd rather not risk it, most of them seem really rude and bitchy

    also there's the stereotype that they need a bigger thing down there for pleasure

    • That's all you see in a black girl. Nothing positive?

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    • & even if I wasn't a black girl I still wouldn't date you because you are very judgmental & no girl finds that attractive. No girl wants to be judged because of who she is or where she came from or what her ethnicity is. You are a very narrow-minded person & I hope that one day you will wake up to reality because all you see is negativity.

    • 1. I never said they were physically unattractive

      2. My experiences with them have been bad so I'll stay away

      3. This isn't judgemental

  • A lot of white guys date outside of their race. The most numerous interracial coupling is white guys and Asian girls. I'm guessing you just meant between white and black, though. In that case, you'd be correct. You say that girls have the same parts and all, but the color of someone's skin is a physical attribute that people are drawn to. Sometimes this will help you and others it will hurt you. Most people have a racial preference whether they admit it or not, and typically they prefer people of their own race.

    And, I think one of the reasons why some white guys won't approach is because it is assumed that black women aren't interested. There are many questions on here about this, but they are hardly indicative of the rest of the black female population. You end up with both sides not taking a chance because they think the other isn't going to receive them well.


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  • Hello, I'm biracial but I'll give you some insight.

    I find most people on this site--males specifically--aren't open to interracial dating. The ones who are will only go for an Asian girl or Latina girl. Keep in mind I'm both black & Hispanic.

    But also keep in mind, a majority of the guys on here have yet to even have a girlfriend and when you see preference questions, it's obvious why they're virgins at 25 or whatever.

    I've only ever been approached by white guys. I've been approached by an Asian but he and I were REALLY good friends(best friends) and our friendship fell apart somewhere along the lines. I've been "holla'd at" by some black guys but I pay no attention to retards who can't approach a girl in a respectful manner & I have had a couple of Hispanic guy friends who've expressed their feelings for me & it didn't go anywhere(no returned feelings). But I've had white guys who've asked me out. Then again I'm often told by my Hispanic & black friends that I "act white" and I don't act "Hispanic" or "black." hardyharrharr stereotype galore.

    I'd take it w/a grain of salt

    • I'm a strong believe in that everybody has their own personality & it should be "oh you acting black or oh you acting white". It should be " I love your personality or you seem to be very mature or you are way too outgoing for me". This world we live in is crucial & we just have to deal with it, but you should still follow your beliefs & morals & don't let what other people say about you hurt you. Still be you.

  • Some guys don't think a black girl would be interested in them, so they are hesitant to approach, some guys are not attracted at all.

    Don't take the majority of the guys answers here, to heart.

    • don't be surprised at the uneducated answers this is gag, and the white guys on here are only a small representation of the real world.


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  • Yes esp in the u.s.

  • Try an interracial dating site

    • wow. what a big help for an interesting question.

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    • No I'm not talking about me silly. I'm talking about all black girls. I can barely even get a boyfriend. So don't point the finger at me by calling me the ghetto one.

    • I wasn't calling you ghetto. I'm speaking of black girls in general. Some assume that the black girl is ghetto when they don't know them.

      It's happened to me plenty of times. Then they talk to me and I'm not at all ghetto.

      I went out with a guy from high school that was white, and he said he asked me cause he knew me. But would be scared to approach other black girls.

  • This site isn't good for stats go on the train or something and you'll notice how many you catch staring at you then look away when you do that's a sign he's afraid to do something

  • I think they are afraid of what their friends&family will say/think but that's the U.S. I don't know about other places

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