While texting, the girl doesn't ask questions back. What does this mean?

I've recently become interested in a girl I met a few weeks ago.

I got her number through a Facebook conversation between us.

A couple days later we met up to chat and have coffee/bubble tea.

We also established we would make a day to go see Hunger Games together.

A few hours later I texted her saying "Hey to be honest with you bubble tea sucked with you... Just kidding it was great!"

She replied "It better have been?"

After that I try to initiate a conversation, but she doesn't ask questions back.

For example "What are you up to?" or "How's studying?"

She replies but doesn't ask me anything back?

Although it maybe to early to tell if she doesn't have interest or whatever.

What are some thoughts about this?

UPDATE: A friend told me her Ex Boyfriend broke up with her about three weeks ago.

My friend said she was the quiet type back in high school.

A typo: Change the ? in her reply to an !


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  • Red flag. It sounds like you're more invested than she is. Back off and let her come back to you, you don't want to seem too easy.


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  • she either doesn't like you as much as you like her (YET! it could change!) or she doesn't want to seem interested. sometimes girls will play with your mind, as I'm sure you know. I would say back off a little and let her come to you.

  • She doesn't wanna seem clingy


What Guys Said 1

  • That simply means she's not interested in intracting with you

    or just trying to act special !

    stop texting her and see if she text you or ask you something , if she won't than its better to let her be . .


    just wait for some more time she'll open up herself !

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