Your hottest kiss/make out?

I'm sharing mine, and I want to know yours! I am simply curious for the sake of keeping things hot in my own relationship. :) What was the best/hottest kiss, make out, hook up, whatever that you have ever experienced? What made it so amazing? How big of a turn on was it? Hahaha. Please give as many details as possible. Okay, here's mine:

- I was sitting on my ex boyfriend's bed next to him, he was laying down on the computer. He was like complaining/stressing over some class, and as he was explaining this to me, I bent over a little and started giving him little kisses up the back of his neck and near his ear and saying "Mmhmm," like I was really understanding his problem. :P Then he turned his head towards me and said "You know you're making it really hard for me to be stressed out," with a little smirk on his face. I just responded with a small smile and glanced at his lips. He pushed himself up and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down onto him, hard. We kissed slowly, but passionately, for at least ten minutes. I know personally it was extremely hot, and I could tell he enjoyed it too (if you catch my drift). Too bad he ended up being a douche. Haha.

YOUR TURN! :) Share please!


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  • My most memorable one was with a girl I hung out with, briefly, before she returned to her home country. Definitely could have seen it lasting. Prior to her I had had one girl who was very demure, submissive and all that and I had always been quite dominant as that is what guys are supposed to be (or so was taught). She had a darker skin tone than mine, being Indian (I am Caucasian, so not hard haha) and she hopped on my lap while we were talking about assassins in movies (weird topic, but it was three in the morning so you know how conversations go then). She pinned my arms to my sides with her legs and mock threatened me, then aggressively nuzzled me leading into a kiss. It was actually pretty intense since I went from a momentary jolt from her bluff to totally melting against her during her nuzzling. It was a turn around and awakened a more submissive side of me which I really liked. I can see the appeal of that role now, being stripped of mobility and overpowered (funny enough, I really couldn't move my arms or get her off even if I wanted to because of how she had locked her ankles behind me). That is not to say I want to be tied up, collared, or anything weird - just that the role in that situation intensified it to such an extent for me that I could feel every light brush of her hair on my collar, the squeeze of her thighs against my biceps, the breeze of the nearby oscillating fan blowing her warmth across me, and so on all imprinted on my brain.

    Unfortunately, nothing beyond fooling around that one time ever occured due to her leaving. That experience tends to be the large reason why I tend to be much more comfortable being myself around Indian, Asian, and Latino girls then my own race or African descent ones. Funny how those experiences shape us. Not sure how your boyfriend would dig that, of course. Guys are different, if simple.

    • Yeah I've never done something like that before, although I have to say that I am usually the dominant one in relationships.. I guess that's just my personality. But personally, I like when the guy takes charge, because I don't see it often in the guys I date. Haha. Good answer though, I may have to try that sometime. I like it. :)

    • Mock dominance to incite him maybe up your alley then. Maybe play fighting back and trying to get him to pin you down would appeal more to you.

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  • that was on Saturday or Friday.

  • She gave me a nice and unexpected french kiss for about ten seconds. Damn that turned me on.

    answer mine please? link

    • Haha my first kiss with my boyfriend now was like that. Totally caught him off guard. ;) I answered yours!

    • Thanks!

    • This might be hard to believe but it would have to be back when I was 6-7yrs old me and this neighbor girl made out in the closet for a half hour. Though this probably could be one of the reasons it's hard to be intimate now. But still have no regets

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  • Yesterday probably. My boyfriend and I had just fought and we both ended up crying haha. We went and got coffee and were cuddling in his bed. He leaned over and told me he loved me, and then kissed me. I ended up rolling over and sitting on him and we made out for about an hour.

    • Aww that's so cute.. Glad you guys could resolve your issues. Haha :)

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