He usually messages me everyday (friend) but today and yesterday he didn't. does he not wanna talk anymore?

he usually messages me everyday(friend) but today and yesterday he didn't. does he not wanna talk anymore? I don't understand. we are pretty close friends.


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  • If you're saying he didn't text you as in send you a text first today and yesterday, then he may not be feeling well emotionally or physically, or has just been really busy. I say send him a message and ask him how his day was and figure out what's going on.

    I sometimes don't text people just to see if they will text me, to see if they want to talk with me.

    • i know he is working all this weekend. and he us usually really busy at work.

      do you think I should really message him? or wait to see if he messages me? I'm am concerned because I really don't want to loose his friendship.

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    • guys generally don't lose interest quickly... but it can appear quick as we usually don't show our emotions as much as one would expect.

      But I think that you should message him tomorrow and ask him how his day was, maybe mention that it seemed odd that he didn't message you. just let him know you care and that you're just a message away for any support he needs.

    • Okay I will message him tomorrow. Thank you.

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  • The other answers are all good and true but I also think it could simply be if he is talking to another girl he sorta likes he will start to shift a lot of his attention to her. If you are just friends he hasn't forgot about you but he may thing its more important or whatever to talk to this other girl he has feelings for.

    But I hope this is not the case for you.

  • Okay some guys don't realize what they do that can make a girl go crazy. I reckon he was just really busy or had to get his head straight, just text him and ask if he's alright seeing that you guys are pretty close friends.

    Godd Luck!