He doesn't text me often anymore why?

So my boyfriend used to text me all the time before and he used to reply fast, now he is very slow and sometimes he don't text me or talk to me at all. what's wrong? we've been together for 2 months now.


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  • monotony, maybe he's bored.

    • how do you make him not bored?

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    • Depends on what you guys think is too much?

    • I was thinking, maybe if you stop texting him, he might notice it and start texting you back.

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  • you don't know the reason .. and I don't think he is bored .. the best thing is to talk to him about that .. its better than over thinking the whole thing !

    • How should I tell him?

    • tell him that you find it hard .. that he used to text you and now nothing .. and that your not clingy but this is kind of tough .. make it simple without having a fight or an argument and if he really care for you he should understand and not judge you !

  • It seems that he's losing interest in your relationship, or he's just getting stressed/busy lately.


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  • talk to him about it.

    when I first started seeing my boyfriend, he'd text me ALL day.

    after first few weeks, he then started to send me morning/evening/night texts just to check up what I'm up to.. no convo unless its necessary.

    and I actually prefer not to text all the time.. we both busy dealing our own things and I don't want to stick to phone having chitchats all day.

    maybe your boyfriend's not a big texter like me..

    but if your boyfriend goes a day without any text at all, or ever ignore your calls/texts, you should be worried about.. I guess

    just talk to him and figure it out.. he's your boyfriend.