When a guy says you are a good kisser is he telling the truth or not?

A guy I have been talking to for awhile brought me to the movies first and paid, then we went to his house and watched more movies and made out (this isn't the first time I've hung out with him).

I didn't want to go further so I pulled away and he smiled then just went back to watching the movie. He told me he really liked me and said I was a good kisser. This was my first time ever kissing someone so I was shocked and asked if he was lying. He told me no and told me he could tell because he wanted to keep kissing me. I told him I have no experience and he asked me "with kissing", then I told him with everything. He then told me that experience doesn't matter.

If a guy says you're a good kisser is he lying just to go further or actually telling the truth and thinks you are good at it?


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  • It could be either or to be honest, if he really did want it to go further then I wouldn't be surprised that he is lying just to see if he can get in your pants.

    I personally wouldn't tell a girl that she's a good kisser unless she really was a good kisser. instead I would say something like "i just want to keep kissing you, it feels good". So he could in fact think that you are a good kisser.

    I know that probably doesn't fully answer your question but you'd also have to take into account his personality (if he says things to get what he wants) and just the heat of the moment as well.


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  • No I don't think he's lying. Kissing is pretty hard to screw up. Granted there are some genuinely bad kissers out there who can instantly turn someone off, but no, for the most part it's hard to screw up a kiss. As for what he said about experience, sometimes that's true as well. I've already told you that for kissing it doesn't matter a whole lot, but beyond that, in other aspects some things experience isn't so much of a factor, and for some people, all kinds of love are just natural.

    Whatever the case, I say you have no reason to disbelieve him yet. Even if he's telling the truth, just take things at your own speed. Don't rush in, and don't allow yourself to be pushed. Just do what you want when YOU want, and then if you do, no matter what happens, you did what you did for the right reasons. Your reasons. So stay true to yourself, have fun, and try not to worry too much about your guy. Just let things happen at your speed. If he's a good guy, he'll wait.

    Good luck out there.

  • He could be also telling you that your a good kisser in the hope of you continuing to kiss him. :) Of course, you could be a "natural", but that's really subjective. What someone sees as a good kisser, doesn't mean that everyone will see that as great. Also, how many times has he made out with anyone. So, yeah, its subjective.


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