How should I react when my boyfriend doesn't call me for a whole day?

he calls me every day you know the usual boyfriend girlfriend ritual lol and if not I do or I'll send him a cute text and he'll call me back . well the other day he completely didn't call and I was really worried I told him when he called me the following day how worried I was . now again he has done the same thing.. he didn't call me the whole day. how should I react?

how should I react tho? should I just ignore it ever happened or ...


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  • people need space, even when theyre in a tight relationship.

    i wouldn't worry about it, I mean, if the guy I was dating called me EVERY dayjust to chat about nothing, I'd be pissed!

    ive got things to do, schoolwork, extra cirriculars, etc.

    cut the guy some slack!

  • Act like you could care less when you finally talk to him. It will show that you aren't clingy and have your own life. Don't text him either, let him put forth some effort. Guys just really aren't phone people. I'm like that with my boyfriend, today I haven't talked to him all day. He did text me this morning but I ended up calling him at 9:30p.m.

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