Semi-successful first date. Mostly walking around. What to do for second date?

We mostly just walked around on our first date last night. What should we do for our second date?

Food often gets stuck in my teeth so I'm not eager to go to dinner or something with her. Plus that can get expensive. Would something like bubble tea be okay? (I live near a bubble tea place so it's also convenient but the main thing is it's simple... and won't get stuck in my teeth haha.)

I'm also not up for a movie cause we don't know each other very well so for a second date a movie wouldn't give us much opportunity to get to know each other better.

Any other suggestions? So haha, no dinner, no movie. Anything else we can do? Would bubble tea be adequate? Or coffee?

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There's a good chance the date wouldn't last that long if it was just bubble tea... we might walk around a bit but it might be less than an hour or so... that's okay right?
We're both students.


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  • Make sure she likes bubble tea first because a lot of people don't like it. I think it's a really good idea though because its kind of like the old school coffee date with a fun twist. You should surprise her and be like "There is this awesome place we have to check out!" So that it seems that you're really excited to do this with her. It's fun and simple and means not spending a lot of money on dinner.


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  • I can ask her to choose but I wouldn't recommend bubble tea if you're not a student now because it's just your 2nd date and I don't think a girl'd appreciate much if a guy takes her out jsut for his handy bubble tea shop.

  • i would ask her what she preferred, (coffee or tea I mean)

  • you should mention both options for her so she can choose :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Always avoid dinner dates, unless you're officially a couple.

    It's not only restrictive and dull, but who wants to stare at someone else eating when you don't know each other?

    • Well yeah but I already said I wasn't gonna go on a dinner date haha. So, is something like bubble tea okay?

    • I was confirming that. You could go milk cows for all it matters, as long as she enjoys your company , what you're doing is just a small part of it. Don't worry about it too much.

    • I like that advice. Thanks dude.

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