How to overcome fear to kiss a girl?

I am going to reveal to all of you the most embarrassing part of my biography.

I am 22 year old virgin who only kissed girls a few times when I was really drunk.

Throughout years girls have liked me, but due to my shyness to ask them out all of them started dating others. As I were getting older I were getting less confident about myself. When I turned 22 a month ago I decided to change and started approaching girls. I even went on 2 dates which were terrible... but I've noticed that the 2nd date was way better.

Ive met a girl and we like each other. What really scares me is getting intimate with her (starting simply by kissing) 'cause I'm INEXPERIENCED?


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  • Hi there, I'm going to reveal something even more embarresing about myself also!

    Im not like you but I used to be like that 10 years ago.. Completly normal for us guys to be like that infact a lot of girls have had this before too just in their way, afraid of whatever it is

    So now you know that your not the only one

    Just kiss and if she turns out to be not wanting to be kissed it won't be a problem.. You know, you can always do it later

    But if you fear the kiss you won't be able to kiss and you will be posting the same question when you are 40 years old.. Then it would be a shame

    Do your best!

    • Im 100% sure its gonna happen this summer and 75% sure in July! Sure I can kiss a girl but it might not be great? I'm sure a girl will see that I am inexperienced and may look at it from a negative point of view...

    • Like that matters, at least you kissed her and you got experience with it

      Its not the end of the world... My first kiss was a truth or dare kiss and it was terrible.. Even the girl said I was terrible in the group and it was embarresing but that didn't stop me from kissing.. I kissed other girls who said it was great! I even kissed another girl with truth or dare and she became in love with me while before that she despized me

      So yeah

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  • just do it, but do it with a girl you really like and that you know likes you :)


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  • The only real way to get over the fear of kissing a girl is to just do it. You might be a better kisser than you realize. Are you seeking some sort of technique to go in with so you feel more confident, or just like a pep talk to get you ready for it? How about a little of both?

    Maybe you should start slow...smaller, not so much open mouth kisses. Short ones, moving on to longer ones. As time goes on, maybe you can start doing something a bit more sensual. The first time a girl bit my lower lip (not a hard bite you know...but enough to not let it go so much at the end of the kiss)...that drove me wild. You don't want to shove your tongue down her throat, but a little bit here and there is good. Everyone kisses differently. I guarantee you in the heat of the moment you'll go with wherever it takes you and her with her kissing style and you'll be just fine. Go get 'em.