If a girl says she's too nervous to kiss you?

If a girl says she's too nervous to kiss you, is that just a excuse not to? she has kissed loads of guys before! and says she's nervous because we were mates before we started a wee complicated thing! I'm just confused on whether she's just using it as an excuse or what :S


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  • that happened to me

    and I'll say no it's not an excuse.

    this guy I was seeing always made me so nervous ! lol

    i'd kiss my last 2 boyfriends,

    but even then I was a little nervous [ at first ] to kiss them, too >.<

    i think it was more of a fear of looking foolish and self-conciousness...

    your best bet is to make her as comfortable around you as possible.

    eventually, she'll loosen up and go for a smooch ;]


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  • Its possible, but my ex was always nevrous about kissing me, because he's she, even though he had kissed many girls before. But I know he wanted to, cause he got over it and kissed me, and I never had to say anything about it, he just did it.

    She might just be shy(:

  • i get that.

  • I was to nervous to kiss a guy after the first five times I skissed him because I ddin't want him to have to keep kissing me if I wasn't good at it


  • she's probably just scared that kissing you may ruin your friendship (incase the kiss/complicated thing u'v got going on doesn't work out)

    she must be interested tho if she's getting more involved with u


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