Girls, Lets talk first date, holding hands, and the goodbye kiss... shall we?

Pretty soon I'm going to be going out on a first date with a girl I've been crazy about for a long time. Given my feelings for her, I'm incredibly nervous and probably over thinking. We're not strangers, but we're also not close... yet. We've only been around each other in a social atmosphere 5 times and in a one-on-one atmosphere once. And that is over a time span of a year and a half. As far as how she feels about me, well my mind is too clouded with my crush on her to really know, but I'm hoping throughout our date I'll get a much better vibe. When I asked her out, I didn't call it a date, I simply invited her out with me for a night to have fun together at a local hot spot. I do hope she views it as a date though.

Anyways, I'd like to get thoughts on holding hands on a first date? As mentioned, I'm not a stranger or someone new to her, but say after dinner I was to put my hand out to her, obvoiusly looking to hold her hand, for a walk around the place, how would you respond? Is it too soon? Is it okay? What does this gesture tell you? Would it be better to place the hand out inviting her to take ahold of mine, or should I just go in and take grasp of her hand on my own?

Then at the end of the night, if the night goes well, plenty of smiles and fun was had, good vibe, and all that like I am expecting it to be. After walking her out to her car, and I tell her how much fun I had and that I would like to see her again, what are your thoughts on a kiss after the first date? Again, is it too soon? Lips or cheek? How would you react or recieve it? What would you be thinking if it happened? From my point of view, I'd stop myself just because I don't want to make her uncomfortable, and I don't want to seem like I am rushing her or being too aggressive.

I'd really like some thoughts on these two things taking into account my little background information provided. Maybe put yourself in these shoes and tell me how you'd look at the situation if it happened?
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Any thoughts? :)
Girls, Lets talk first date, holding hands, and the goodbye kiss... shall we?
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