I had my first kiss. I think I kinda messed it up!

So I'm a 20 year old guy, I've never kissed a girl before... I finally met a really awesome girl, she's cute, has good tastes, and she makes me happy even if she isn't my type, she's growing on me I guess. So we went to hot yoga and then went to eat at a restaurant, it wasn't awkward but we didn't have much to talk about but it didn't get to the awkward stage but close lol. So we finished eating and I invited her over to my place, and we watched a movie.

we cuddled on the couch and at the end of the movie we just cuddled more in the dark. She kissed me on the eyebrow and I didn't do anything.. let her lay her head on me... several minutes later, I kiss her cheek close to her lips, she moved her head up and we kissed on the lips...

NOW this was our first kiss together.. and my first I don't know about her... it just turned into a small make out session, but I was kinda in a awkward position with my neck and all, we kissed with our mouths open and I don't know if its suppose to be, but it was kinda wet, just where our mouths touched(obviously) and our lips were wet too.. And stupid me, I said "that was a bit wet" after going for her lips 5-10 times lol. and she said "Wasn't bad" and then we cuddled a bit more after caressing each other with our fingers and hands...

So that last paragraph when I said it was wet (like it wasn't drooling at all) is it supposed to be like that? I know its our mouths and its moist/has saliva... I'm just new to this.

and later on we kissed again, me kissing her forehead then kissing on the lips again, back to her laying herself on me just resting after a long night... when she had to leave, I walked her to her car and guess what I said something stupid again I guess

i said "Give me a good night kiss"

and we kissed twice and then hugged, said goodbye and I walked away back into my house. and damn it was like -25 outside lol.

In retrospect I think I should have just said goodbye at my door but it was night and like what if someone attacked her or whatever.. anyway.

I say stupid stuff when I'm nervous I AM working on that, I used to be a shy quiet guy, but now I'm more talkative, but I know I should just keep my mouth shut and let the dice roll.

So my big question is about the kissing... I'm new to kissing. and she even said "Have you ever kissed a girl before" and I said "its been a long time." I LIED I know but she's like 18, I'm 20.. I don't know. I'm f***ing stupid because I don't wanna lie to her...

So the kiss.. is it suppose to be like that? How is it suppose to feel kissing with out mouths open? be detailed please... I like knowing things before acting on it... just me I guess

What can I do to not be stupid :/ and kiss her like she's everything to me? we kinda just went into the hot and heavy kissing and I wasn't expecting that since it was my first time.. I want to be ready next time.

Thanks for taking ur time reading this :) I really appreciate it


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  • hehehe I just got reminded of being 14.

    well, it definitely wasn't her first kiss.

    it's not supposed to be wet in the sense you described. but I can definitely remember what that's like, and it is not fun at all. I remember thinking that if that's what kissing was, then screw that.

    unfortunately I can't give you tips :S I really would, I swear, but I just... don't know how to. I've been told I'm a good kisser, and mostly I wouldn't believe it because come on- the guys wanna kiss! but apparently I was drunk once and made out with my friend, which I definitely don't remember, and she assured me I was quite good as well. and if you knew her, well she'd know. (btw I don't get drunk very often, I'm not the partying type, so I'm not insinuating being loose here or anything...)

    but uh, tongues should stay in the mouth and kissing should therefore not come out of the lip area. I am a biter personally, but you gotta be careful with that or well... it can hurt... for longer than just the make-out session.

    don't be too forceful- there has to be breathing involved?

    idk. I am bad at describing such things.

    google it. I'm serious. google has anything.

    i think you should have told her before you guys started, and I'm 99% sure she would've taken the lead and possibly even taught you a few things.

    it may be embarrassing, but I guarantee she would have been more understanding. now she's probably shared this with half her friends in a make-fun sort of way.

    if you go out with her again, I think you should tell her (towards the end of the date of course, when the kissing may commence!) and tell her to tell you what she's likes and doesnt.

    it may be embarrassing like I said, but who the hell cares? it's not the end of the world. and besides, 20 isn't that embarrassing even though a lot of people think think so.

    • She likes* and think*

      i think the reason I can't describe it that well is because I usually follow the lead of the other person. I guess when they have more experience and take the lead, it's not hard to follow?

      just don't picture movie type of kissing because all that action they're portraying is a biiiiit overdone

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    • Lean in, kiss softly, little or no tongue, separate, smile, ask "how was this?" after a couple more of these, be like why don't you show me how you like it? and she should take the lead.

      you'll know best when you're in the actual situation I suppose.

    • Thanks a lot :)

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  • this is very sweet =) part of the reason it was uncomfortably wet is the awkward position you were in. the more comfortable you get with a person, the easier it will be to get into a better position. as far as tongues go, if she didn't want to kiss that way, she wouldn't have. try not to worry so much and enjoy it =)

    • Thanks haha ill try not to worry

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  • lol yea I remember that. It will be wet the 1st few times until you get the hang of it. don't use ur tongue though. that's more for when ur about to have sex and really getting into it. Telling somehow how to kiss is hard. and I for damn sure won't show you how. lol. Ull eventually just learn. Your mouth ain't spposed to be open either. Make sure you keep ur lips soft, don't tense them up like when people pucker up. Wear chapstick too. I don't knpow just don't worry about it. You just need to practice. Everyone needs to start somewhere no matter how old or young you are.

    • Ah okay... well I guess she just started using her tongue from the get to lol

      ill try and slow it down next time and yeah.. I don't swing that way either haha

    • Well dang mention that in ur question cause normally there's a big difference between cuddling and kissing and using ur tongue while kisssing. Of course its going to be wet no matter what unless yall are a couple of cotton mouths. I don't know it could just be me.

    • Well it started as a normal kiss, no tongue.. it just turned instantly into a small makeout session and as my first time I didn't expect that, and I tried to fiddle her tongue with my tongue, it went fine, but to me it was kinda unexpected and I was caught off guard so yeah.

      but I guess when we had our mouths open a little bit kissing like that it got kinda wet.. IM thinking its normal that it felt that way, but I just need advice or something lol