I had my first kiss. I think I kinda messed it up!

So I'm a 20 year old guy, I've never kissed a girl before... I finally met a really awesome girl, she's cute, has good tastes, and she makes me happy even if she isn't my type, she's growing on me I guess. So we went to hot yoga and then went to eat at a restaurant, it wasn't awkward but we didn't have much to talk about but it didn't get to the awkward stage but close lol. So we finished eating and I invited her over to my place, and we watched a movie.

we cuddled on the couch and at the end of the movie we just cuddled more in the dark. She kissed me on the eyebrow and I didn't do anything.. let her lay her head on me... several minutes later, I kiss her cheek close to her lips, she moved her head up and we kissed on the lips...

NOW this was our first kiss together.. and my first I don't know about her... it just turned into a small make out session, but I was kinda in a awkward position with my neck and all, we kissed with our mouths open and I don't know if its suppose to be, but it was kinda wet, just where our mouths touched(obviously) and our lips were wet too.. And stupid me, I said "that was a bit wet" after going for her lips 5-10 times lol. and she said "Wasn't bad" and then we cuddled a bit more after caressing each other with our fingers and hands...

So that last paragraph when I said it was wet (like it wasn't drooling at all) is it supposed to be like that? I know its our mouths and its moist/has saliva... I'm just new to this.

and later on we kissed again, me kissing her forehead then kissing on the lips again, back to her laying herself on me just resting after a long night... when she had to leave, I walked her to her car and guess what I said something stupid again I guess

i said "Give me a good night kiss"

and we kissed twice and then hugged, said goodbye and I walked away back into my house. and damn it was like -25 outside lol.

In retrospect I think I should have just said goodbye at my door but it was night and like what if someone attacked her or whatever.. anyway.

I say stupid stuff when I'm nervous I AM working on that, I used to be a shy quiet guy, but now I'm more talkative, but I know I should just keep my mouth shut and let the dice roll.

So my big question is about the kissing... I'm new to kissing. and she even said "Have you ever kissed a girl before" and I said "its been a long time." I LIED I know but she's like 18, I'm 20.. I don't know. I'm f***ing stupid because I don't wanna lie to her...

So the kiss.. is it suppose to be like that? How is it suppose to feel kissing with out mouths open? be detailed please... I like knowing things before acting on it... just me I guess

What can I do to not be stupid :/ and kiss her like she's everything to me? we kinda just went into the hot and heavy kissing and I wasn't expecting that since it was my first time.. I want to be ready next time.

Thanks for taking ur time reading this :) I really appreciate it
I had my first kiss. I think I kinda messed it up!
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