A womanizer's tactics?

Any guy can become a womanizer. There are 100s types of girls out there. Every girl has different emotion needs. If you read her body language and try and find out her emotions without direct questioning, you are promised to have her. So what kind of girls are there? There's miss gold digger, miss shallow, miss independent, miss maneater, miss innocent, miss stripper and so on...

You can never take the same approach with different type of girls. Miss independent won't react the same as a miss innocent. there's a 90 percent chance that all gold diggers will react the same and fall in love with you (if you find out their emotions and how you can gain them) You have to tell them different things because they have different out looks in life.

How you act and what you say to a woman is extremely important. With some girls you have to take an extra aggressive role. With some girls you have to tone it down. If you are able to read a girls body language and personality through her eyes, I think you can have any girl you want.

So want to play with a womanizers mind? Most womanizers won't stop until they get what they want. (sex and sometimes emotions) they thrive off that. What females don't realize is that men will do almost anything for sex. So want him to chase you? Go out with him. Don't give a chance at first though. Say no with your mouth, but yes wih your eyes. He'll ask you out again. Don't worry. It's his mission to have sex with you. When it comes to the date. Be 15 min late, look your best and do not apologize. He probably will buy you stuff, take you to dinner and do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Have fun doing that. Don't have sex with him. On the second week, he'll start getting anxious and antsy for sex. Go to his place or yours. Still do not have sex with him. Make out with him, and keep it passionate. don't have sex with him. Then just stopped hooking up with him and say you have to go. Ignore his calls for three days. Once you pick up tell him


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  • also known as "A bitches tactics"

    guys will give up ASAP (and will not come back) on these types of girls if they don't care about having a boyfriend in the first place

    a girl being selfish and self-centered won't get her anywhere eccept unwanted and unloved

    this is the reasons why good guys don't ask girls out anymore they prefer the girl to ask/make the first moves because that shows that she'll "really" care about having him


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  • Lol funny. I change my tactics for every girl depending on her type. Some want aggressive, others want romantic.

    • It just occurred to me that you're not talking about womanizers, you're just talking about guys that have no game and just buy women things until they get some. Those guys are suckers.

  • Aww that's so mean hahaha!

  • Weak game.

  • I think... this would make a great article :D

    • Hahah thanks :) I should send it somewhere

      Well I definitely need to edit it first :p

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  • Oh no you don't toricakes! This website isn't the place to be giving up game! People here are NICE GIRLS and GUYS who never ever do things like that.

    • No. I use womanizers. I make them buy me stuff, get them angry and stop talking to them. Learn the tricks of the trade

      Never have sex with a womanizer. Just make him believe you will and cut him off

      Only good guys deserve sex

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    • Lol you girls are the reason why goods guys are so hard to find.

    • I don't treat good guys like that though. You can tell when a guy is good or not

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