Thoughts of a womanizer

Womanizers get tons of girls. They date and sleep with a lot of girls. The question I have is the category they put the girls in

They will pick some girls to date, a f*** buddy, and then a GIRLFRIEND.

How do womanizers decide this


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  • None of your buisiness.

    LOL naw just playing.

    K, look if he likes you and wants to take it to the next level. Consider yourself lucky. If not, then that's what it is.

    Its the samething with girls picking what guy they wanna be with. If you wanna be with someone you will, if you just wanna have them around for fun, you will (stating that's its just for fun).

    As for the guys that "lead you on". Well that's to bad that you didn't see his signs a lot clearer. Maybe you should keep your guard up for a little while before you give them your "all".

    I hope this has helped.


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  • Makes me wish I was one. I would like just a little attention from women.

  • It depends upon the woman they are seeing.

    Though, it differs from every womanizer so their preferences aren't the same.


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  • They decide it just like any other man does. They stay with the girl they see as feminine, gentle and kind, admire, sexually attracted and she makes him FEEL GOOD. Even the good guys sleep with certain women but would never consider them 'relationship material'. Then, after they've sewed their wild oats, they'll meet a girl that rocks their world, and they'll pick her to settle down with. :)

    • Sounds about right. For once a girl who gets it. :)

      --> I would add : warm - caring - patient - mature

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