Signs he already has a girlfriend?

what are some signs that a guy you are dating but not in a relationship with may already be involved with someone else?

anything you can think of would help.

obviously if they are not exclusive and he is dating other girls that is fine but it is not okay if he promised one of those girls exclusivity and she thinks he is not dating anyone else.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If he never lets you look in his phone, If he always goes out of town but say he's visting family , If he's holding back emotions , If he says she's just a friend but her name always coming up some how , If you think something is going on chances are it is. I know because my boyfriend brother does all these and I see it all the time . He dates about 9-12 women at a time and they all think their the only one , I've never seen anything like him in my life . And he has them where he wants them.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he disappears for large amounts of time.

    If he smells like another girl.

    If he has bullsh*t excuses why he can't hang out with you.

    If he ignores your phone calls/texts then makes up lame excuses.

    If he only calls you or hangs out with you at weird times.

    If he only calls you for sex.

    If he's too "tired" for sex (sidenote: unless we have been doing something crazy strenuous we are never too tired for sex)


What Girls Said 2

  • If there are only certain times that you can call him.. Or when you are together with him, he turns off his phone...

  • If he smells like another girl...


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