Dilemma: You already have plans. But you're interested. Best response to the Gent?

If a guy you just met last weekend asks you out tonight, but you have plans, for all the guys who over-analyze text messages, what does a girl say or not say if she is still interested? I hate over-analyzing but guys I accept as dates almost always seem to misinterpret what I say in such circumstances. Here are my potential choices (note: already texted the first):

a) Hey (name), I'd love to but I already have plans tonight. Another night?

b) Hey! That'd be fun, but I'm already meeting with a friend tonight! Maybe this weekend?

c) Hey (name), I'm actually meeting with a friend tonight, what about Friday?

d) (your suggestion here)

To me, A. sounds like I'm not interested (even though I am), or could be playing games (even though I'm not). B. sounds like me the most, but I could be over-analyzing in thinking some guys find it too "friend-like"/not feminine/un-sexy, and C. sounds like I'm taking away the guys reigns, in my opinion. Now guys (and girls), it's you're turn to over-analyze my possible responses! :) Thanks everyone!


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  • Overanalyzing. Plain and simple. Any guy that is interested in you will not "misinterpret" you should you actually propose another time/place to meet.

    If he asked you out for something and you texted him back "sry busy 2nite" THEN that's a sign we take that you probably don't want or care about us.


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  • "Oh, sorry I have a previous engagement scheduled, can we please choose another time?" Or suggest a time that works for you.

    • So formal. But nice. Didn't expect a guy to suggest something like this! You wouldn't think she was being rigid by being so formal?

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    • Wow, really? I've never met such a formal man.

    • lol well I did go to school with a lot of British kids hahaha.

  • Just offer the guy an alternative day and time.

    It shows you aren't flippantly blowing him off, but that you're still committed to meeting up.

    • I guess I'm a bit old-school in thinking that guys do the courting in every shape and form. However, out of curiosity, why do so many guys these days think girls are blowing them off if they simply state they have plans? The guys who I'm most comfortable dating are the ones who are most persistent. Probably because I don't have to over-think my responses in case he is over-analyzing them. Some girls really are sincere when they say they have plans...

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  • B or C work. to me!