She kissed me on the cheek? Does she like me?

I'm 25 and always been single because I'm shy, and I met a girl who is 22 and she is shy as well.. we have known each other for 3 months and gone out to dinner and movies 6 times and during all those times we never broke that physical barrier of touching or kissing.

She told me in a text message that she "Doesn't want a relationship yet" because she is focused on her goals for this year and that a "friendship while we get to know each other better is the best thing"

But the thing is she text me everyday first and never says no when I invite her out and now she actually said to me "i want to take you out on a date for a change"

recently I got her a puppy that she always wanted... I held her hands for the first time ever and told her to close her eyes and took her to my car where I had the puppy for her she was really excited and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and when I was walking back to my car she threw herself at me and hugged me from behind.

When should I make a move and kiss her?

Would I be rejected if I do try?

I have never kissed a girl in my life so I'm very nervous about it...


i'm not very affectionate with her when we go out because since she said we are friends for now I feel that it "might" make her uncomfortable... but now when we go out she is always touching my hand or hitting my shoulder when we joke and she plays with her hair when we are talking over dinner.


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  • some tips to start to slowly initiating contact: when walking somewhere crowded lead her into where your going by gently touching the small of her back, grab her waist sometimes, hug when you are saying goodbye and i COMPLETELY agree with bobair below me. a guy who i like does the stuff i said up there and it drives me crazy and it's funny cause i told him the same thing she told you and now here i am looking for ways to show him i like him without going to fast.


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  • Let me tell you a secret... shhhh... are you listening? When a girl likes you it's almost impossible to screw things up when you're trying to escalate the relationship. If you go too fast just take a step back, smile, and relax.

    If you try to grab her ass and she's not ready she'll let you know. She won't call the police. She won't scream rape. She'll say, "Hey now, slow down." And if you sincerely didn't realize she wasn't ready then take a step back, say something like, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm really into you and I obviously misread your body language."

    That's it. I promise things will be completely normal again. If she likes you, and this girl DOES, then she really does want you to slowly escalate the touch and intimacy.

    Escalating the physical touch and intimacy with a girl is like boiling a frog in a pot of water... if you turn up the heat slowly the frog won't jump out because it won't even notice until it's too late.

    By "dating" for three MONTHS while doing nothing you're ruining any attraction she might have.

    Women respond to men who lead. She wants you to lead.

    Buying her the puppy, taking her by the hand, etc, that was you leading. And how did she respond? She kissed you.

    And, since she's shy, she's NEVER going to escalate the intimacy... she WANTS you to do that.

    It's your job to take that risk of rejection... don't make her do it.

    Just take it slow... not three months slow... I mean every date you need to escalate a couple more steps.

    Not sure what steps to take? Just read this article, it'll give you the exact steps: link

    And no more dinners out in the public. It's hard to escalate while sitting across a table from each other. It's time to start spending time alone, in a room. Like dinner at home, making home-made-pizza while watching a scary movie. You can eat together then cuddle watching a movie. Simple. Or a picnic alone at the park. Any activity where you are alone with the possibility of cuddling and touching.

    Now go sweep her off her feet before the next guy with more balls does!


    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

  • i think she's interested in you and is developing feeling from you but ahh.. it seems she doesn't go into official confession and doesn't move too fast. that is more often to happen to girls who are feminine. this kind of girl tends to be little a bit jealous if she sees you with another girl even if she has rejected you -_-

    but that is girls. the more feminine they are, the more passive and intuitive they are

    • Well I like her as well and she knows it... I assume you have way more experience than I do with woman... how do I do things right with her? for example I was advised by a friend to not be too mushy or show her my feelings.. and I think that is my main problem... the moment she opens up towards me is the moment I break down and begin expressing through text how I feel and stuff like that... she recently told me she's thankful to have met me and that I am a blessing in her life.

    • hmm.. I think its better to wait until the right time. someday when you and she are in a place and nobody else around you and she feels comfortable with you, you can confess your feeling. but according to your story, she is a kind of girl who shows feeling for you through body language without bold words. there's still a probability she will be the one who confesses. who knows? maybe she will just attempt to kiss you in the lips gently instead of saying "I love you" or maybe she will say that.

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