What does it mean if he lets you kiss him on the cheek?

i was at my friends house and when I went to leave her brother who I've always had a crush on went up to hug me. I was about to leave when my friend said I think you guys should kiss. I just laughed and continued walking. then she said at least on the cheek. her brother put his face forward and my friend pinned me up against him and I kissed his cheek. does this mean anything?


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  • I think that all depends on how much of a card your friend's brother is. If he was just putting out his cheek to mess around and didn't expect or want to kiss you it could have been an accident. Your friend pushed you into him, maybe he wasn't expecting it.

    On the other hand it could be the exact opposite and he actually likes you. He hugged you before you left. To you just ask for a hug in a friendly way? If not then he might like you.

    It really depends on how he acts as a person though. If this is the same kind of thing he would do around other girls I would stay skeptical... Although in my personal opinion it does sound like he likes you.


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  • yes he might like you, see where this goes

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