Guys, what does it mean if a guy cuddles up super close?

Right to the point what does it mean if a guy cuddles up super close to you and just holds you right after sex and for the whole night? if feel like its more then just sex but I could be wrong?

Now for who ever wants the whole story... I have been friends with this guy for about 7 years lets call him Cory. Now actually dated around this time of year for a month (happiest I have ever been) but I was going to court with my kids dad and my lawyer didn't want me seeing anyone so we broke it off and stayed friends with benefits up until July (neither of us saw anyone else). Then sadly I let my kids dad come live with me cause he has no were to go. while Cory and I slowly stopped seeing each other for about 2 months so I thought he stopped liking me. Then me and a couple friends went to this Halloween party the weekend before Halloween and Cory was there and I got wasted lol but out of every one there Cory was the one to make sure I got home and when we pulled in the drive way he kissed me :D and then went back to the party. now keep in mind the kids dad is still living with me and went to this party to only differences was he was partying till 8 am. Well at about 2 am Cory came back to check on me cuddle and watched so American dad then when home. that was the last time I seen Cory. until about a week ago and we cuddle watch TV and he slept on the couch and me on my bed at this point my kids dad is gone and staying gone. then last night he came over he cuddle watched TV on thing lead to another we had sex and after Cory held me tight and we almost fell asleep on my couch and decided to come sleep in bed and he cuddle with me like that all night even if I had to get up and get my kids I won't come back and he would hold me tight again.


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  • He definitely likes you! He might be a cuddle/affection type, but I think he likes you and might be interested in more than just sex. You could always ask him what he's looking for. You might be not be seeing things correctly after going through every thing you just dealt with so I see nothing wrong with talking to him about it and tell him you just want to make sure the both of you are on the same page. You have been through a lot and I'm sure he will understand.

    Good Luck! :)

    • i have tried to talk to him about but I never get an answer so I'm think I might be better leaving it be and seeing what happens?

    • Yeah, if he's not answering he could be afraid of your reaction if he tells you the truth. Like if he wants a FWB and thinks you may not like that then he won't answer that way because he feels you will not see him anymore. As long as your aware that nothing may turn out of this in the long run and are OK with it then that's all that matters. :)

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  • Well its not something you do if your just looking to hook up, I think he would have left after you had sex if he just wanted some booty. He might be looking for something serious but its too early to tell just wait and see.

  • I skipped the whole story.

    The answer is that the person is tactile. It is a generally emotional gesture but may not indicate deeper emotions. It is for the most part just a natural reaction.


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