Girl I'm dating stopped using pet names... Does she NOT like me?

Ok ill try to keep this short...

I met a chick she is 22 and I'm 24 we're both mature for our ages and both decided to start hanging out to get to know each other better before we jump into anything serious...

Problem is I really like her now and she knows it as well but to her we still need to know each other better before we become boyfriend and GF...

I also don't know if I'm going too slow because we have gone out on 8 dates and we still don't hold hands or kiss because we are both shy but when I joke she usually lays her head on my shoulder and taps my hand or shoulder every time I joke around.

For a few days every time she would text me she would say things like "How's work babe?" or "hey baby how's your day" or "sunshine" "darling" etc... and last time she texted me "Good Night (my name)!"

Am I in trouble here? the problem with this girl is that she is pretty religious and I'm afraid of her religion (Christianity) somehow getting in the way.

~~P.S.~~ Her best friend is also my friend and her best friend gave me some insider info and told me last time they both went out to talk the girl I'm dating told her that she likes me and every time we go out she feels the need to hold my hand or kiss me but she always holds back.
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Forgot to add that for us to go out on 8-9 dates we have known each other for 3 months now and so far we text every single day and most of the time it's her who texts me first and sometimes I do... I just don't know if I'm stressing over nothing here but she is on my mind 24/7 now and little things that she does like not use a pet name or keep her text short makes me wonder if something is wrong or if I'm going to lose her
Girl I'm dating stopped using pet names... Does she NOT like me?
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