Favorite and least favorite texting cliches?

What are your FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE texting cliches?


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  • My favorite? A girl that LOVES to text constantly since apparently that is all I hear. However, I have not met a girl yet that even likes to text occasionally so it gets annoying...because I like to text a lot as well.

    Least favorite would be no emotion while texting. This could be a girl, a friend, my brother...anyone. It bothers me when people seem to have no emotion. I'm not saying put a smiley or an lol or whatever in every sentence, but have some flavor, otherwise I'll think something is wrong.

    • You don't see "tone" in the texting? That's funny, since it's sort of the same as emails... I don't like to text for financial reasons (my plan only allows so much, so I save text for emergencies only).

      But the question is more about the sorts of texting phrases/symbols you like/dislike.

    • It doesn't bother me if they can't text constantly, it's just a plus. And yea, I figured...I guess my least favorite would be xD, I don't know why it just bothers me. My favorite would be when a girl adds :) to a sentence, especially when talking about me or asking to hangout or something...makes me feel more loved!

  • hate it when girls say lol at the end of every message.

    • Same for winking/smiling?

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    • Hmmm the XD, <3, or the ;), when a girl sends them of course otherwise if a dude sent those it would be a little weird.

    • Haha. Yes, there might be cause for concern.

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