He sent me a sad face in a text how to reply?

Basically we haven't spoken for a while so he sent me a text saying he was thinking of me and hopes I'm okay so I told him I was sorry that I haven't spoken to him and sorry that I've been distant I was going through some problems and shouldn't of ignored him. And he sent back a :( face.. I don't know what to reply?


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  • Simply tell him what you're feeling for him. Voice out what your concerns are. If he doesn't respond to that, it's better to move on and find a new guy who will treat you like a princess.


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  • Do you want to see him soon? Tell him that. Are your problems resolved? Tell him that. Are your problems still lingering? Tell him that.


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  • Don't reply.

    He does not care about you at all.

    One day he was bored and decided to play games with you.

    So, he sent you some blah blah blah text. If he was so dying to talk to you, why did he wait for a while to send some crappy text?

    Then, you replied with a nice enough text. And he thought: ah, she bit it! But he did not even bother to write anything nice back. He sent a sad face like "yeah, it sucks that we did not talk", and left it to you to do all the talking.

    The more time you invest into someone, the more you like him. So, when you reply with long texts to his crappy faces, you will get emotionally involved, and he will be playing games.

    If he were interested, he would have had things to say, and he would have found things to say.

    Ignore this text, and after a while he will send you another face and then - some short text, someting like "where are you" or "why did not you reply". And think - reply to what? To a sad face?

    Ignore this guy from now on. He is a time waster.

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