Was it a pocket dial or an intentional phonecall?

I left a guy after 2 months because he was dating other girls behind my back and was a liar and a player. I was really crazy about him but I still let go and have deleted him from my fb and cellphone and never called him back. He texted me some weeks ago after we Haven't talked for 2 weeks saying that he had been very busy with work and hoped I'm doing well. I didn't answer. Then no news for one month. And today I got a missed call from him ( I recognized his number ) with a long blank voice message.

Do you think it was accidental or intentional ?

I know I can't contact him again because he is bad for me but I'm still just curious to know what you guys think of that. Can you really accidentally call someone you Haven't talked to in so long ?


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    • Ahah hm so what does it mean? He's not grown up enough? Thanks for the laugh:)

    • No problem! Funny how you can always put life situations into movie form. He may have called you intentionally and couldn't leave a voice mail and hung up as a result. But, if it is a long message with nothing in it then it may have been a buttdial. But, if you are still in his phone he does think about you.

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  • It's possibly a pocket dial, but also there is a trick where you call someone on mute and it leaves a blank message like that. The idea is that you will see you have a missed call from him, so you'll call him back to see what he wants, and he can just say "oh it was a but dial" but now you're on the phone with him and its a way to get you to talk to him.

    IDK if that's what he did, but its a trick I've heard girls do before so he might have done it too.

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