Guy backed off because I didn't show enough interest?

i'm not one to chase guys, when I first start dating I assume they will come after me, don't contact them first until there's been a few dates.

had a really great date, he contacted me a few times then stopped. I got hurt, thought he didn't like me, even though it was REALLY good connection. then he told my friend he liked me but I didn't show enough interest in him because I didn't start contacting him first too!

this has never happened to me before! he still likes me but thinks I don't want to talk.


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  • Yep. Sounds fair.

    • so if I contact him more will he start to warm up?

    • It's possible. If he finds you attractive/interesting, and you appear to be interested, I doubt he would pass up a good thing.

  • Oh yeah. I do that all the time. Guys will assume you're not interested in them if you don't show some real interest back. Even confident guys will stop eventually, because they might feel they're wasting their time.


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