Is it normal to have doubts after a first date?

So this guy and I hung out the other day, and it went very well. I could tell he was super into me, being nervous and overly talkative, but at the same time laughing at my lame jokes.

This is the first time hanging out with him, and the first time in a long time for me to be seeing anyone, so is it normal that I'm not completely comfortable with him? Do sparks grow? How do relationships even start? I have absolutely no idea about anything, hahah.

I know all relationships are different, but I'm taking this super casually, I keep thinking it's not gonna last long because we're probably not compatible but I really don't know that yet since I just started getting to know him.



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  • I would say it's definitely normal if you haven't spent a lot of time with them previously. You shouldn't be expected to feel comfortable around someone who you pretty much just met - you're taking that time to get to know him and that's great.

    If after a couple of dates, you still don't feel comfortable around him, or as though there are sparks flying, I'd give it up, but I think that sparks can certainly grow!

  • yeah often when you are so blown away after one date it's just your hormones talking. if you had even a decent time you should go out again.