Should I just remind him about our date, or leave it alone and wait?

So I have been dating my guyfriend who I have known for over 4 years now. We have not kissed or anything, but formally dated in public. On our second date before New Years he asked if we can go on another date before the college semester begins and planned out what we will do. I in return have told him that when I get my work schedule, I will let him know what days I am free. He said that after I let him know he will message me so that we can work it out. He is also a busy person too working full time and always keeps to his word. But after I got my schedule and let him know about he...we talked a bit but he did not schedule our third date when we are both free. It is already the last week before school starts and no message... Should I just message him to remind him or just leave it alone and wait for him to message me? I do not want to be pushy to nag him nor needy. But I do not want him to confront me after school has started when he himself said that he will let me know when we are both free to go on a date.


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  • He probably things that you are not interested in going on a date any more. That is what I would think. You should remind him, but in a cute way :)

    • Perhaps you are right. Even though I have gone on dates, I am so used to independent. And for me to be reaching out to a guy and initiating, showing that I really care with interests in his life, is something I am not really used to. Therefore, it makes me feel like I am being needy as if I have no life and not giving him any space. I have already messaged him though to show him that I never forgot about him (in a cute way)..Do you think that if a girl does not reciprocate he will lose interest?

    • I do not know how other guys feel, but I can tell you how I feel. There is nothing wrong with telling him how you feel. You reminding him about the date is you expressing your interest in him. Girls become clingy when they try to change the way the guy handles his life. Telling him to change the way he acts or asking him to do something he is not interested in are ways a girl becomes controlling. If a girl shows no interest in a guy he will definitely lose interest.

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