Should I remind him about the date?

He asked me to hang out two days ago and I kind of freaked out because I like him and at the end of the text convo it sounded really awkward.. I was wondering if I should just ask him when were hanging out Because I kind of cut the convo by saying something random and then saying gnite..

Him: hey there

Me: hey:) how are you? Are you still going to Spain..

Him: ha ha in like half a year. I'm pretty good. Enjoying my break. You?

Me: I'm good:) I still have one more final left tho. Are you doing anything special during break..

Him: Nothing too special...idk...maybe some snowboarding and hanging out with friends. Did you maybe wanna do something sometime? If you're not busy that is...

Me: Yea sure:) just let me know when.. I'll be free after this Thursday:)

Him: Okay cool. Probably next week Because I'm busy this weekend...and Thursday ha

Me: Your gonna think I'm weird for noticing this but if you look at the time you sent the first text and then the time that I sent the next text its pretty similar.. I don't know how I noticed that lol. Gnite larry:)

Him: ha goodnight Annette

We've known each other since sixth grade.. Never talked much in high school tho.. He liked me in 8th grade I liked him in 9th.. That's our 'history' if you would call it


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  • Just say "If we're gonna hang out, I'm free Saturday and Monday"


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  • Reading your are the one who initiated the conversation. If you have to remind him again of the date you are OUT RIGHT CHASING him. You may not have a date for Saturday but if you exhibit some self restraint and NOT text him or call him, may be he will wonder what happened to you and ask you out again. Don't ever chase a guy. If you have to always remind him that you exist, he will not cherish you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. In this case, I would make a back-up plan for Saturday in case he doesn't get in touch with you. This way you will not be sitting at home depressed thinking that you got stood up.

    • ? I'm confused.. He texted me first tho.. And we didn't set up a time to hang out either because I cut it short.. That's why I wanted to ask

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    • Hey! You were right! Haha. He asked if I was still available. But I didn't get your message on time tho.. Good thing I trusted my instincts!

    • Good...happy everything worked out :)