Should I tell him I went on a date?

I went on a date last night with another guy because me and the guy I'm seeing had been having some issues. We hadn't talked and now he's back but I'm wondering is I should tell him I went on a date, and I actually
enjoyed the other guy. I'm afraid if I tell him it will be another problem.


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  • If you wanna get back with him, of course you can say you went on a date, IF you were actually on a break and discussed the possibility of dating other people...

    ... but girl. Who in their right mind would say "hey I'm happy we're working things out, but just so we know, a guy who isn't you made me feel so amazing when we were having issues. Just keep that in the back of your mind while we try to mend a relationship." Just picture him gushing about a magical evening with a girl hotter than you, then wanting to snuggle up and watch new girl reruns with you like it's cool.

    Lol i mean seriously. If you want to get back with this guy, that other guy is as good as dead to you.


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  • Do you intend to stay with the old guy, or are your actions being decided by loyalty?

    • I want to be with the guy I was originally seeing, but I do not know if it will work and I don't know if he's still wanting to be in a committed relationship.

    • So then i shall assume you are concerned you will push him away by seeing other guys.

      In your shoes, i would only tell him if he brongs up the topic. Make no attempts to hide the date.
      Od also fond out quickly if the old guy intends to stick around. New guy likely won't wait to be 2nd choice.

    • This is assuming you wernt cheating by his definition.

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  • Telling him is the best you could do. Your being honest and to help say "we were having a rough time so i thought it would be best to see someone else at the time." or something like that. Does this help any?

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